Mac has arguably had the toughest childhood of the SSX competitors, and he learned the harsh reality lessons very early in his life. I love grinding all them rails' and pullin' crazies, and there's a dope ledge off the gap that'll really take ya places! The new SSX circuit sees an older, more mature and confident Mac Fraser.

He learned to make himself invisible when necessary, and this has translated into a successful strategy for racing. Yeah, and airtimes, whoa baby, you can get SWEET air on that bad track! It's one of the first skateboarding tricks I learned when I was just a lil' grommet. Mixing his passion for music and riding has given Mac a constant groove and positive vibe that draws others to him.


As someone who came across Sid Field circa the early 1990's my interest in the comic has grown steadily over the last 18 years.

There isn't much to discover in today's Media coverage;he really is the forgotten comic of the British stage.

Mac is by far the youngest rider on the tour at age 15, and a bit of a pardox.

He can be really immature, even for his young age, trying too hard for attention and to be everyone's buddy.

Gundahnya hati si ibu semoga anak mendapat kecemerlangan dunia dan akhirat.

Sukarnya anak anak sekarang silibus pendidikan semakin mencabar.

Kita dahulu masih bergembira walaupun tahun peperiksaan.

Arissa yang berada tahun satu kini sudahpun lebih berdikari. Hari pertama menangis seolah tidak pernah bersekolah. Hingga kan tukang kebun mencari saya di rumah kerana tidak dapat menjejak Arissa.

Jadi surirumah moden seperti kita hari ini perlu mengubah semula cara ini.