Using BBC News feeds on your site If you run your own website, you can display the latest headlines from other websites on your own site using RSS.

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Thus, do not reference these files anywhere else if you aren’t absolutely sure that you won’t deactivate the solution!

Get the latest version at Updated Release: RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365You can follow the same instruction as in the previous posting.

I’m doing an assessment for migrating a 2010 solution to 2013, and one of the custom solutions installed was an RSS reader web part.

We all know the RSS web part which came with 2010 is a bit limited, and it’s still there in 2013.

For Share Point Online RSS feeds this fails, as the Google Feed API naturally can’t accessed secured content.

Thus, only public feeds could be used with this first version of the web part!

If Bright Author indicates that it cannot access the feed, this might indicate that the feed is invalid, that the feed is in a format that we don't support, or that Bright Author is unable to connect to the Internet.

Update: Share Point Online RSS Viewer now supports external feeds [warning_box]A newer version of the web part is available at Updated Release: RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365[/warning_box]Back in August, I released a RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365, as the Share Point RSS feed web part doesn’t work in Share Point Online. It calls this API to receive the feed data in JSON format, which it then parses and outputs.

Review the new results, and if they accurately reflect the topic you have chosen you can now use the orange feeds button to add the selection to your news reader, or to your website.

Last Updated: June 9, 2016 When you add an RSS feed to a Bright Author project, Bright Author attempts to connect to the RSS feed to verify that it's valid and will work on the player.

If you have the previous version installed, simply deactivate it first, upload the newer version of the solution, and activate it again.