I'm sure there's some people out there that are dicks but they're dicks to everyone- being a girl is just something different that they can attack. I can't count how many times in TF2 a female voice came on over chat and everyone lost their ! Whenever the players weren't outright misogynistic they were awkwardly trying to flirt with them because OMG GURLZ DONT PLAY GAEMZ.Most of the female players I've known tend to stay quiet to avoid that kind of %^-*.It's in the fact that I can actually put myself in the shoes of a paladin carving a path through horrid monstrosities, twisted undead abominations that stand for everything he . And given the choice, I'd rather not have someone break that illusion by shouting into voice chat that all of these monster models are clipping horribly and it's so dumb.

Sex vioce chat-22

Especially with a game that relies so heavily on taking. @#$ if your a girl aslong as you dont play the "im a girl" card to get away with being bad.

You will always run into the horny teenager that will spam you, but you can easly block them. So unless all my female friends are the unluckiest people on this matter,i don't see a god damn reason for them to use the chat.

When I play a game, I'm not looking to be reminded every five minutes that this is a game; I already know that.

I'd prefer to have a brief adventure in some strange alternate setting because portals to Narnia are few and far between, and at least for a couple hours I can stop worrying about adult things like paying bills and going to work and making sure the cat hasn't puked up an internal organ.

It takes you out of the game Immersion is a big deal to me.

It's why I play on roleplaying servers and why I roleplay (although that's another discussion).

The problem is that this applies to everything in the game.

There's something to be said for having a bit of a time filter on what we say.

Part of me thinks that voice chat is a product of the miraculous and wondrous age we live in.