Their beauty took me aback, and like everyone else, I thought they were identical twins.The only people that knew different were the administration clerks or people trained in identification.I always thought it was a little odd that I rarely ever saw them together at school or at school functions other than the volleyball games, the discussion group they attended, study hall, and going or coming from gym class. My photo expos on couples pushed us towards friendship, the kind of friends you can tell anything to and just know it would go nowhere else.

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My part of the story began the last year of college right after my expos.

After a series of near misses and bumping intos, I thought it best at least to offer up the social civilities.

They had a twenty-eight waist over a muscular thirty-six buttocks that sagged upward, if you will indulge me, with a wide valley between their cheeks.

God I tried to steal a few pictures of them walking together with their sweet bottoms swaying, but they always-seemed ready for me.

Like I had a neon sign brightly flashing look out your butts on candid lens.

Stealing pictures of people being remarkable weather in looks or action is my favorite hobby, more accurately an addiction that has caused more than a little trouble.

I know what you are thinking one had a penis well you are wrong.

To describe one is to describe the other, Karen was the older and the alpha mate; they both had outgrown pigtails yet they both wore their shoulder length blond hair in pigtails.

One week I saw them meandering through the gallery looking at the photos of couples on display over and over they milled and as closing time neared all the photos had been looked at numerous times and all the visitors were gone we met.