Silva performed the sex act in a locked classroom at Maria Jose de Souza secondary school in Montadas, Paraiba after he made a speech and went to help clean up.

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Hussein also thinks that dating as a Muslim woman might be easier in certain regards, explaining that her non-Muslim friends are always complaining to her about relationship problems that she will never have to endure.

She’s seen some friends break up from long-term partners because one of them wanted to have children and the other didn’t.

"Now I've become the victim of people who are spreading this video." He added that he intends to start criminal proceedings against internet users who saved the video and reposted on other social networking sites.

But the president of the town's chamber of councillors said that he has started proceedings to remove the councillor from office.

Silva blamed his "clumsy fingers" for the embarrassing mishap, claiming he had "no idea" how the 30-second video was posted. "The video was recorded in a locked classroom, where no-one else was present, only me.

Speaking to Brazil's G1 website, he added: "What happened was a mistake. I recognise my mistake, but everyone who puts themselves in my place will understand.

Asha Hussein started her You Tube channel, Asha Everyday, in 2015 and has since been giving viewers an honest insight into her life as a young Muslim woman.

“It’s not very common to find someone like me talking about relationships in a fun and light-hearted way,” the 24-year-old told Thinking Girl Talk needs to make a comeback on my channel.

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