When I quizzed him on his behaviour, he said “Ask Madhu”.Madhu initially told me some story regarding his behaviour.Poor girl, she was too shy to call a penis by its name. I thought could it be possible since I had always assumed because my husband’s penis was about 4 inches and 2 &1/2 inches broad, all males would have approximately the same size penis. Poor Mahesh was not getting sex for the past one year! What can a man do if he does not get sexual release from his wife.

Poor thing, she was so shy that she did not know how to talk to her mother about all this. She said how they had gone to the doctor and what the doctor had advised.

How after some time, Mahesh had tried sex again with her with the same result.

After a year or so, I sensed something wrong with the way Madhu used to speak and also Mahesh (my son in law) spoke.

I assumed that it would be the usual husband wife quarrels.

Mahesh was totally different from the man who had married my daughter.

He seemed to be morose, short tempered and seemed to have withdrawn into a shell.

Though I wanted to study further, my parents got married me at at the age of 18yrs since my parents were not very well off.

Like all females, I was taught about sex in the school and what little we girls chatted and came to know.

My husband was a simple and straightforwared person who was more into scientific research.

Though he was loving and took care of me, he was obsessed with his research and spent most of the time in office.

Madhu was now terrified with sex and also found it repulsive. How could somebody find sex repulsive even if it was not enjoyable. I asked her again thinking that I had heard something wrong. Tell me amma, our hole is so small, then how can we accommodate a male organ which is 10 inches long and 5 inches broad with out pain.