On the drive to Spencer's house, Jess and the gang discuss what she'll say to Spencer - who she refers to as Mr. Nick tells her to simply demand back her things, and go get them.

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She has a TV at Spencer's, and her roommates won't go without one.

She admits that she doesn't want to get in a fight with Spencer because she wants to be friends with him eventually - which none of the guys understand because he's her ex.

She spends a week sobbing on the couch, watching Dirty Dancing six or seven times a day, both missing and hating her ex.

Hoping to get her off the couch, Schmidt offers to help Jess find a rebound to help get over Spencer.

She refuses, saying she's not afraid to go back and get them, but as she reminisces that it's complicated because her stuff belonged to both of them, Schmidt throws her a basketball to play with, to get her mind off him.

But the game ends in her breaking Nick's TV, so she's given no choice.

Nick suggests that Spencer is Jess' kryptonite and that she's afraid to get back her things because she knows that as soon as she does, their relationship is "over over." He tells her to get her stuff back and move on because Spencer's a jerk.

Cece agrees with him, and Nick forces Jess to punch a pillow that acts as Spencer's face.

She finds Cece, and the two women return to the loft.