The input varied greatly in style and content, some focusing on one of the requested areas and others showing progress over the entire spectrum.

This report is divided into sections using the original request as a guideline in subdividing the document.

Therefore some of the reports were subdivided and placed in multiple sections.

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This document lists some of the accomplishments made possible by the research program over the last 20 years.

It is important to keep in mind that all of the advances listed below resulted from the pursuit of knowledge at the most fundamental level.

The request for these inputs took the form of a letter to principal investigators making the following request: "We are seeking all of the examples of consequences of your work including that of your past or present colleagues.

These could be: Responses were collected from the majority of current principal investigators (PI).

Large manufacturing plants in Florida and Louisiana, representing about half of the industry’s phosphate rock processing capacity, recovered uranium using methods based on this original work.

The key to an efficient separation process was the development of an “extractant,” with a strong preference for the uranium found in acid solution, which was characteristic of phosphate rock processing.New "green chemistry" approaches, which substitute benign carbon dioxide for noxious industrial solvents, have made it to the big time with announcements of commercial deployment of CO2-based dry cleaning technology by Micell Technologies, Inc. The research, which ultimately led to commercial success, was pioneered by Professor Joseph De Simone of the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, including polymer synthesis in CO2 and the use of CO2-based surfactants or detergents.and CO2-based industrial production of Teflon polymers by E. The pursuit of CO2-based green chemistry has benefited enormously from the basic research facilities and expertise of several DOE/BES research programs--at Pacific Northwest Laboratories with Richard Smith and John Fulton, at the University of Texas with Keith Johnston, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with George Wignall and Hank Cochran, and others.Over the years many of the ideas that have been turned into technologies have been adopted commercially.Basic Energy Sciences research provided the scientific knowledge and the patented methods which subsequently enabled the efficient extraction of uranium as a valuable byproduct of the phosphoric acid manufacturing process.The evolving mission of the Department has now come full-circle as the scientific community is enlisted to face the legacy of the Manhattan Project and the Cold War era and to render the accumulated wastes manageable.