But I remember her still, I guess, I remember her and her dog. As she was my friend because of her geographical location, her age, and who we were then in our 15 and a half year. Denise was way, way ahead of her time, and many others, including me.

Average student, average grades, average likes and dislikes of the general disposition of the world.

” She pulled them up for my observation and as she did I saw the beginnings of Fletcher’s cock.

“Come down here, get a closer look”, she insisted, I complied.

“See, watch,” and she jerked on the dog’s sheath until now a sizeable portion of pink shiney cock protruded. Then she spit a larger gob on her hand and went back to pulling on Fletch’s cock.

“That ain’t the all of it Meg, but look…” she excitedly pointed out, “look…that’s precum, that’s like a lubricant.” There it was alright, gentle squirts, but definitely something coming out of it. “It’s not poisonous or anything, won’t get you preg, and, well it tastes great, like salty water, you’ll see, when we getting him cumming.” This was something very unusual, very weird, but heart poundingly exciting. ,” Denise said as now longer more directive spurts started shooting out of the now very large sized cock. “Dog cum, you swallow dog cum, you filthy little slut,” Denise laughed as she jerked harder slower, longer.

This Animal story was exclusively written for to the scene of the trial mating between Rudee and Max; she was now cloaked in a crotchless jean work clothes. Max gave Rudee a long series of quick laps on her labia; she had to be so wet, giving plenty of juice for Max to enjoy.

She sat on a chair with her knees raised high, watching and following Nisa in moving her legs to the position that best exposes her genital for dog. Nisa kneeled close to Max watching the lapping and prepares herself to help should anything unexpectedly happen.

The boxer was a good lover as he used to mate with me a few times.

My first mating with Max was during the inter-species orgy, master-mined by uncle Shin, the owner of this tourist resort.

Denise said it was a wife swapping party and then explained in detail how that worked. Denise would say some things, particularly about sex, that she then would explain authoritatively what she just said. “There now,” Denise exclaimed, satisfied in her arrangement. He reacted to her rough housing with playful whines and certainly a more aggressive demeanor.