When Chris was injured there was no hope for a cure or the possibility that he would ever walk again. He had a passion to find a cure and an ability to move mountains, to create and inspire opportunities for the brilliant medical minds to find a cure for those dealing with spinal injuries and champion the rights for stem cell research. He told me “so many of us ‘able bodied people’ are paralyzed in our own lives.” He was not. I’ll always remember how excited Chris was after they let him take his [breathing] tube out. I explained that, with exercise and treatment, we can ward off the accelerated aging process that happens in these cases.When our twins were born, James and I named one of our sons after Chris who was not only his godfather, but his role model for inspiration and courage. We put him on a bike and set up treatment so that electrodes on the skin could activate his nerve endings, allowing his muscles to contract. We soon became friends and worked together for his cause.

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He was also very inspirational in the way he behaved after his accident.

The reason he himself kept up such an incredibly brave front was to show that life does go on. Barbara Walters, co-host of “The View” — USA WEEKEND Magazine, July 30, 2006 I knew Chris and Dana long before they met.

I am always grateful for the times in my life where I am fortunate enough to cross paths with a teacher…and Chris is a great teacher.

He was a good guy who will never be forgotten…we were lucky to be a part of his life.

Noel Neill, November 10, 2004 Thanks Jim for everything you’ve done for Chris.

He is, was and always will be an inspiration to us and everyone all around the world.Best Wishes and Keep your Love for Superman more alive than ever.Marc Mc Clure, October 11, 2004 The best way we can honor Christopher’s extraordinary life is to continue to support the Christopher Reeve Foundation and its work with spinal cord research, and to push our political leaders to resume funding for stem cell research, something Chris felt very strongly about.Margot Kidder No one better demonstrated courage, strength, and dedication to others than Chris accomplished in these past hard years.The only fitting memorial is to be inspired in our own efforts by this remarkable hero. In a fantasy world, Superman is the best incarnation of our finest qualities.He will always inspire us to do what we can to help others. He taught us that nothing is impossible if you put your passion, mind, and spirit into the possibility. When we lobbied for stem-cell research, I became the student and he became the mentor. When he regained ability to move, it was like Superman walking again. D., who directs the spinal cord injury program at Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute, and physician to Christopher Reeve I met Chris well before his accident.