She knew he loved every minute of watching her orgasm and took pride in the fact that he had done most of the work. "You can go sit over there," she pointed at a reading chair in the corner of her room. Consider it a reward that I will allow you to watch me pleasure myself." She took her time, allowing Xavier's eyes to follow her every movement.

Now, Sarah was going to flip the switch and make him wild. Legs spread wide, she carefully placed the small toy on her clit and hit the power button. Sarah loved the real-life sensation of oral sex and this was about as close as you could get to it.

The possibilities were infinite, and she was both frustrated and excited at the selection. "You're the one who has to use them all on me tonight," she coyly smiled. As they stood on the city street, Xavier struggled to hail a cab and manage all the bags.

The car halted to a stopped as they reached their destination.

The cab driver looked at the two lovers entwined on his back seat and smiled.

As the little toy sucked harder and harder she could feel herself plunging over the edge. Never in his life had a woman masturbated in front of him and it brought him to the brink of his own ecstasy.

She screamed in pleasure as her wetness dripped down her leg and her free hand glided over her body.

Bright overhead lights illuminated the shiny polished floors and rows upon rows of tantalizing sex contraptions. Sarah took her bounty to the register and paid for her new treasures.

Xavier stopped in his tracks and eyed a deadly pair of strappy black stilettos with a six-inch heel. Pulling him down the aisles until she finally encountered what she was in search of, a vibrator. Carefully tucking the sales receipt into her purse, she dumped the two sizeable white shopping bags and her oversized gold tote into Xavier's arms. I'm too excited to wait a minute longer," she purred.

Sarah adjusted her skirt and hopped out of the car, leaving Xavier to pay the cab and wrangle the bags.

As she stared at her reflection in the store window in front of her, she could see her lips had turned a beautiful crimson shade from their lascivious car ride.

"I've ordered the toys in terms of my expectations. Anything less than three will lead me to believe that you're not even trying and slackers get punishments, not rewards. The thing immediately buzzed to life, and Sarah started to moan.