If that’s the case, you have the option to have Dragon listen for your commands at all times, even when the screen is off. You’ve seen Iron Man, and you know Jarvis is the coolest of the bunch. That makes it an alternative to Google Voice Search on your smartwatch.

On your phone, Jarvis does the basics you would expect by now, allowing you to place calls and send texts.

The app can tell you the weather and update you on the news.

An example of this would be turning on the flash on your phone, helping you find a device you misplaced in the middle of the night.

It’s not quite as cool as having the phone fly out of the sofa cushions and into your hands, but in our world, Jarvis can only do so much.

No matter how many times you ask your phone the same question, it doesn’t get annoyed. Most Android devices ship with Google Now, which surfaces information before we search for it, answers the questions we ask out loud, and obeys our voice commands. This may be surprising, but there are many others to consider.

Google Now sends out suggestions based on your search history, what you’ve watched, and what goes through your inbox. Google Now tells commuters how much traffic is blocking up their route home from work.(back when Google Now was just a baby, and Cortana had yet to appear). Three years later, this may still one of your best bets.Robin’s developers have deliberately tried to make an app that feels like a challenger to Apple’s digital assistant. As for Android users who have not used Siri before, here’s how Robin compares to Google Now. More specifically, the app is more of a driving assistant than a way to surface information.Download: Jarvis for Android (Free with in-app purchases)Some of these apps look outdated.Others look modern but still somewhat out of place.It lets you know when to arrive at the airport in time for a flight. Starting with Android Marshmallow, it can also provide context and background for text inside other apps.