"I pulled up the numbers for several other AMEX cards I had and compared to more than 20 others and found a global pattern that allows me to accuracy predict replacement numbers" and expiration dates. GIF of the device in action is yours for the viewing here.

The wireless function works by emitting a strong "electromagnetic field" that emulates that produced when physically swiping a card.

as the PIN so it is not easily forgotten, this is good but it is not safe and card skimmers who have ideas of such data can easily manipulate their way into using your card with no stress.

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Here are some interesting steps for you to consider when securing your PIN.

Do not share your PIN Sharing your PIN is never a good idea, even with the people you tend to trust such as family members or a close friend, reason being the friend or family member could be under some sort of life or harassment to reveal your PIN and when this happens your account security gets unlocked to the wrong set of people.

Brainiac hacker Samy Kamkar has developed a US$10 gadget that can predict and store hundreds of American Express credit cards and use them for wireless transactions, even at non-wireless payment terminals.

The mind-blowing feat is the result of Kamkar cracking how the card issuer picks replacement numbers, and in dissecting the functionality of magnetic stripe data.

Use different PIN on different cards In a case where you have different debit cards for different bank accounts, it is ideal and safe to use different PINs so that it would not be easy to crack all cards in case you lose them or they get stolen.

Reach out to your bank once your card is missing Contact your bank immediately you notice your debit card is missing.

Interested researchers can download the necessary code and follow instructions to build the device, but it will be somewhat neutered because Kamkar has removed the ability to deactivate EMV and has not released the AMEX prediction algorithm.

It will still emulate cards and help researchers better tinker in the field.

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It means criminals could use the tiny gadget to keep pillaging cash after cards have been cancelled at businesses that do not require the three or four -digit CVV numbers on the back of cards.