The most fatal attack of 2015 was in April in Qaim, Iraq, when Isis fighters rounded up and executed 300 civilians.

David Bowles, from the RSPCA, said: "Sadly, many people are unaware of the potentially deadly consequences the release of sky lanterns can have for wildlife and other animals.

"I think most people who saw the kind of injuries or fatalities we have would think twice.

It was surpassed only by 2001, when the 9/11 attacks accounted for 2,996 deaths.

The index suggested there were lessons to be learned, such as the fact that only 0.5 per cent of terrorist attacks occurred in countries which have no involvement in foreign conflicts and low levels of “state-sponsored terror” - extra-judicial deaths, torture and imprisonment without trial.

Britain went into deep shock, wondering aloud whether it had helped cause Diana’s death by not appreciating her enough in life.

The power of the emotion — and the frenzy whipped up by the tabloid newspapers — all but forced Queen Elizabeth to break with centuries of tradition and protocol and make a public address to the nation. Men, women and children lined the streets and wept as Diana’s coffin went by.

Sky lanterns are illegal in Austria, Germany and Malta, with the RSPCA calling on local authorities to ban their use.

This summer, we invite you to join us as we exhume obituaries from our archives, some dating to the 19th century.

If the wedding was a gossamer fairy tale, the marriage was a real-life nightmare. Their divorce was shocking and unprecedented, but it freed Diana to look elsewhere for love, and she soon took up with a man named Dodi al-Fayed, a rich playboy whose father owned Harrod’s department store.

Diana was emotional, fragile, needy, anorexic, bulimic; Charles came from the stiff-upper-lip school of interpersonal relations and had a longtime (married) girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles. They died together in a high-speed chase in Paris, fleeing from paparazzi pursuing them in cars and motorcycles after a date.

"Cattle have died after bits of sky lanterns have fallen into their feed." Sky lanterns can cause serious fires such as the below blaze at the Smethwick plastic recycling plant fire in 2013 (pictured below), the largest fire the West Midlands Fire Brigade has ever tackled.