Volunteer group facilitators prepare and lead group classes from their home or office. Willingness to build telephone relationships with older adults. Some of the ways to help elderly include: Glamorous Grannies – manicures for older adults in senior living communities.Senior Stories Swap – exchange stories with a senior. Love Letters Challenge – prepare Valentines Day cards and distribute through participating Meals on Wheels locations.Create a Music Playlist for a Senior – listening to music may reduce feelings of depression and chronic pain.

Classes are taught by seniors for seniors allowing older adults to use their skills and participate in both sides of the teaching and learning experience.

Senior Net suggest that anyone who would like to help the elderly learn more about computer technology and computer classes should first Identify a suitable location for conducting classes such as community and senior centers, public libraries, churches, schools, etc., with parking and accessibility.

Group lectures and discussion allow for older adults to be heard, socialize and continue in the shared goal of life-long learning. Some campaigns offer the chance at scholarships and other gifts simply for completing the do good task and then posting photos of how they helped the campaign.

The aim of the telephone conversations is to provide meaningful conversations, friendships and reduce social isolation. The organization makes it easy for youth to participate in simple ways that make a big difference to elderly in their communities.

The program offers a free resource guide, How to Run an i Pod Donation Drive to help with the event.

Other ways to raise community awareness and help spread the word of Music & Memory are by: -Identifying corporate sponsors who could team with area elder care professionals to bring the Music & Memory program to their organizations.But paypal sent me an email saying – You sent a payment of .99 USD to Peoplemedia Inc.I tried to find a Seniorpeoplemeet contact number, and when going into their help screen I see their FAQ and one of the selections is Contact us.-Arranging for a screening of the documentary Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory.-Coordinating a benefit concert to raise funds and collect i Pods for Music & Memory.Senior People Meet target people over the age of 50 looking to meet other people online for dates.