However, society is changing and as Turkey grows into its twenty-first century skin, traditions are changing, with women shifting from a passive to an active role - including in the realm of courtship.Despite recent changes, Turkish dating culture remains conservative, especially outside of the larger cities.There’s no living together before marriage, and sex before marriage simply isn’t discussed.

While the Catholic faith is often criticized for some of its policies regarding restrictions on women in the Church hierarchy, it does not share the same rigor of beliefs about the role of women in orthodox Islam.

Yet, if the monogamous and polygamous, Islamic and Christian alike, members of Senegalese society share the same general attitude towards women, and it is not due to a shared religion, what is the explanation?

In Turkey, you must be married in a legal civil ceremony.

Many couples choose to have a religious ceremony a few days before the legal ceremony, where they invite family and friends to a service and then reception - much like western-style weddings.

Turkish traditions and culture surrounding the world of love and marriage can be strange to outsiders - and not a little old fashioned.

If you have problems conceiving, you’ll be offered a lot of advice and wacky suggestions as how to remedy this.

This was the punch line of the story, after which everyone in my family laughed uproariously.

Since I did not laugh along, the story was explained again, more slowly, since they thought that I just had not understood the French.

In fact, in my Wolof language class, the words for first wife, second wife, third wife, and fourth wife were featured on the vocabulary list for the unit on the family.