I consider myself a veritable expert on all things water sign, especially in the Scorpio realms. I’m also less and less afraid of the darkness that is part of Scorpios nature as time rolls on.

The tell tale sign of Scorpio’s infamous “moodiness” is the fact that Moon (planet of emotions and our inner nature) is considered debilitated in Scorpio.

That makes for an intensified, gooey center for this sign. Even if we claim to be repulsed by it, there is an attraction/repulsion dynamic here that, as a Scorpio, believe me, I’ve investigated! We’ll get rid of you quickly and we will know if you aren’t trying very hard; a very unappealing trait to a Scorpio! No one can beat the intensity and passion of a Scorpio. We also like to share our passion, love and gifts with others (if we trust you! As long as that small circle of support is the real deal.

After getting out of the addiction and dependency cycles, we realize we are back where we started (not a highlight of our existence! And learning to handle this level of passion takes strength and perseverance.

) Back with the pain, the torture, the endless emotional upheavals, the intense passion—passion that the majority of the world would gladly have a bit more of if they could tap into it and harness it for their own purposes. It must be channeled effectively or it will burn us.

I have a had a successful Real Estate Practice for the past 30 years.

I am very up beat and light hearted and try to make as many of life’s daily experiences fun and enjoyable (even work).

The letting go, the release of the known, the surrender of past and present, the depths of life that go way beyond the surface of life.

It’s a house that can not (and should not) be avoided. ” at the top of our lungs and wait in our self made prison for relief to arrive.

A fiery planet, the warrior, the planet of action (karma), Mars is a doer.

He does things with courage and power and he doesn’t think about it. (The thinking planet is Mercury and not surprisingly, Mars and Mercury aren’t friendly towards each other).

My Sun, Moon and rising signs are all in the water element.