I was thinking about psychedelics after a stimulant binge as an experiment to explore the role of 5HT2a activation in psychosis.

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Drug psychoses aren't terribly dissimilar from non-drug psychoses, but the former are far more frequently caused by stimulants than psychedelics, though i'm sure if one was bound & determined they could get there with psyches, but why? Also, I've tripped on the end of a few different types of stimulant binges, total break with reality... I used to have some fucked up concepts of fun back in the early 2000s.

Furthermore, the original term for psychedelics, in western medicine, was psychotomimetics, as they were thought to mimic psychoses.

That would suggest that in many ways the two are very very different.

I was about to say something to this effect, but likely not put nearly as accurately or succinctly.

What makes sense to me is that through this positive desintegration everything gets loosened, your sense of boundaries but also the pieces that make you you.

But when a dose of acid is too much for someone's 'comfort' or ability to go through that process there is more incoherency in one's being and one's manifestations of the mind including the sensory data that is used to help do that.People with a tendency to lose coherency, who lack forms of introspection and psychological self-analysis, who lack the ability to distinguish fantasy and delusion from the world can more easily get detached.That is why it is risky for them to take LSD: they follow the process of desintegration but do not integrate well again afterwards.The fact that you become familiar with the sense of being one and also the sum of parts (however you experience and analyse them) and the way that you are an integrated (id)entity stays with you and I believe that going there and coming back can make you into a person with more understanding than someone who wishes to know it all but remain a spectator - the old scientific approach.I'm interested to hear how others think about the relationship between psychedelia, schizophrenia, psychosis!There are many opinions about who is crazy and who is not and there is often such a fine line between less-limited thought that only appears to be unhealthy at first and actual mental illness.