Get to know the people before you start chopping them up, so you care about them a bit. It's what Ridley [Scott] did with "I used that argument when we were doing the film. It wasn't the scary movie bit, it really was, 'What would I do if I was in that situation?

Drunk and in a car out with my mates on a quiet country road and we knock someone down? And then the third one they did straight to video was kind of pointless. I haven't seen it so I can't comment on it."They've been talking about a remake for the last three, four years.

It was all coming together at the same time with Kevin."No Sweater"There was a moment where we'd shot Love Hewitt on the boat at the end.

And Johnny Galecki, even then, was someone that people liked; he was a likeable character [as Julie's suspicious friend Max].

He'd just done , so he was a very well-liked teen figure."So killing him was a big deal. The title clicked and everything just seemed to work.

'"I rewatched that film because it's [set in a] small town. We got a load of local school bands to do the march for the festival. I wanted the waterfront to have a New England feel, and The Fab Four "I cast them all.

[Jennifer] Love [Hewitt] was always going to be Julie, and she was cast first.

There were loads of people we looked at who were just too old. I went, 'Right, it's your choice, but know that we think she's the best choice'. So the most I would give in to was the blood from behind splattering the window.

Hilary Swank tested for it, who was great, but she wasn't right for the role."The studio didn't want her, even after the screen test! They thought she had a Jewish princess, Valley Girl feel to her. We did that as a pick-up; we reshot that towards the end of the shoot and that was my, 'OK, I'm done with the blood'."A Fresh Kill"The truth was we had a movie where the killer didn't do anything! You had to physically see him do something in order for the audience to feel that he was capable of doing something.

We actually had made an offer to Reese Witherspoon first off. We asked her who the hottest guy was, in her opinion, and she said Ryan Phillippe."Love Hewitt absolutely straight away was Julie James.

Reese came in and met us, but ultimately didn't want to do it. Nobody wanted Freddie; they thought he was too soft, he wasn't muscular enough, so Freddie probably screen-tested four or five times.

Sure, he’d had some women in his life that he wanted to date but his awkwardness never allowed him to develop any relationships.

For a man in his sixties, the only women he’d ever been with were prostitutes.

The only time he went outside his small, one bedroom apartment was to go to work and get some groceries.