camera crew, so we have no idea what it was, but I can guarantee you it had to do with one of three things: Because some guy in that meeting actually wanted his face blurred out. As if giving him his own hot dog wasn’t enough, Richard insists on buttering up Lochte by describing him with words like Eaaaaaasy there, Richard.I can only assume that he heard some of the ideas that Lochte had and didn’t want to be associated with them. Lochte is an amazing swimmer and has some gold medals, but words like those are generally reserved for the absolute best of all-time.Even though it doesn’t rain in Southern California, if there’s someone who can do it it’s Lochte. For example, take any sport and tell me who the most iconic player was.

You make me laugh, you're on the right track." Who do you think would be a good girlfriend for Ryan Lochte?

for episode 5 it’s that there’s plenty of screen time for Gene, who visits Hollywood with Ryan for a promotional tour.

Yes, we all know that hot dogs are nicknamed and so naturally grown men like the Lochterage can’t help but make tons of penis jokes.

Gene absolutely barfed up the Lochte Dog all over the side of his pants.

, the Olympic gold-medalist can get just about any woman he wants.

So, the question then becomes "what does Ryan Lochte want?

Seriously, the Lochterage can’t form a city softball team!? Lochte and his bros did this on literally EVERY play. Oh, but wait, who is that standing off to the side? The last time we saw him the Lochterage was playing pool. I don’t feel bad for you, blonde long-haired Lochterage bro. Lochte makes a wager with his brother Devon that if his team wins, Devon has to belly flop into a cold, as Ryan describes it. He’s forgetting that he himself is famous and is probably already around a bunch of other famous people anyway.

Come on bros, you live in Florida and you’re playing volleyball with your shirts off. So yeah, of course it’s easy to I would honestly be more excited to watch American Pie while eating a Papa John’s pizza than to see either of those two in public.

As for what Ryan is looking for in a potential girlfriend (aside from being Carmen Electra), he said he is definitely looking for a girl that can make him laugh.