It now has a new name, become ultra chic with a new modern look and an At the entrance to the entertainment complex is a restaurant and as you step a bit further inside you'll come across a large lounge with plush couches on which to sit.

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You would be forgiven for mistaking the La Belle Entertainment Complex for a bigwig's crazy idea of an ultra modern art gallery or maybe even an absurd looking shopping centre simply because of its fancy architectural facade.

Instead, you are afforded the company of the girls up close and personal in the lounge here.

But more than this venue being your average girly pleasure palace, this one is a super sexy high-class complex complete with all the best bells and whistles.

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In other words, it had reached the end of the road.

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The Mona Lisa Massage Parlour of yesterday had somewhat aged and it had also become shabby and showed signs of decay.