With the attribute, the consumer needed to set it even if only one of many stored procedures being executed by the ADO application returned a rowset.

The use of this property should provide a performance boost to applications making use of the attribute previously.

Each time you want to purchase goods or services, you must enter a purchase order.

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Ora OLEDB supports the Read Committed (Cursor Stability) isolation level. Connection String = "Data Source=My Ora Db;" & _ "User ID=scott; Password=tiger;" Con. Other than this, there is no other setup required for the Unicode support.

In this level, the changes made by other transactions are not visible until those transactions are committed. You must ensure that the Oracle database is configured to store the data in the UTF8 character set. Ole Db Connection con = new Ole Db Connection(); con. Oracle; User Id=scott;" "Password=tiger; Data Source=Oracle; OLEDB.

This also applies to distributed transactions if the session is currently enlisted in a local transaction. Create Parameter("Prm2", ad Small Int, ad Param Output) Cmd. Next Recordset ' Just as in a stored procedure, the REF CURSOR return value must ' not be bound in a stored function. See "Datatype Mappings in Rowsets and Parameters" for further information. NET=True;" & _ "SPPrms LOB=False; NDatatype=False;" con.

Ora OLEDB supports the interface, consumers may explicitly start a transaction for a particular session, allowing a unit of work to be explicitly committed or aborted by the consumer. Get Emp Records() takes four parameters, only ' two need to be bound because Ref cursor parameters are automatically ' bound by the provider. Create Parameter("Prm1", ad Small Int, ad Param Input, , 30) Cmd. In order to prevent any data loss, the database character set should be UTF8. Open() The following simple example illustrates how to use Oracle Provider for OLE DB with ADO in Visual Basic 6.0 to connect to an Oracle database and execute PL/SQL stored procedures and functions.

Ora OLEDB consumers must install Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) release 9.0.1 or later to be able to participate in Microsoft Transaction Server (or COM ) transactions or to enlist in a distributed transaction coordinated by Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC). The character set configuration is typically specified during database creation. Oracle; User Id=scott;" & _ "Password=tiger; Data Source=Oracle; OLEDB.

For setup and configuration information on Oracle Services for MTS, see is returned. To check the character set setting of your database, execute the following query in SQL*Plus: // Instantiate Ora OLEDBError Lookup and obtain a pointer to its // IError Lookup interface Co Create Instance(CLSID_Ora OLEDBError Lookup, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IError Lookup, (void **)&p IError Lookup) //Call the method Get Error Description() to get the full error text p IError Lookup- // in VB.

An order consists of two parts: You can enter header information and detail information separately.

Depending on the volume of orders and the amount of header information you need to enter, you use processing options to select one of these methods to enter orders: Several tools are available to help you create orders.

These tools allow you to generate multiple orders at the same time, locate item and supplier information, and so forth.