IRC then grew larger and got used on the entire Finnish national network—Funet—and then connected to Nordunet, the Scandinavian branch of the Internet.

The chat process works on a client/server networking model.

IRC clients are computer programs that a user can install on their system.

You can read the full change log for all the updates. You can read the full change log for all the updates. Fixed the splitter bars, added a few more color settings, and updated the /ignore command. Codeplex has contacted us and said they see no fix in the future.

You can read the full change log for all the updates. Many IRCv3 fixes and additions, and a few other bug fixes. Ice Chat 9.13 has been released today, to fix the font problem introduced in version 9.12 You can read the change log for all the updates. As a result, we can no longer update our code at Codeplex.

Ice Chat 9 is open sourced, written in C#, and available at Github, while Ice Chat 7 is not. The main Ice Chat Support channel is located on Quakenet ( in the #icechat channel. The project has been worked on for the past year, and was launched today, trying to make an acceptable remake of the popular Search IRC website, which has been taken offline. The main issue fixed is proper Windows 8 compatibility, with a couple other minor bug fixes. There have been a lot of updates, additions and fixes since RC8.3.

The Ice Chat 9 Support/Developer channel is located on Freenode in the #icechat channel. Many fixes and changes have been applied since 9.0. We felt it was about time Ice Chat 9 was released as a 'stable' version, and here it is. We had asked our Facebook users on our Fan Page, if anyone could make a video on the basics of Ice Chat 9, and someone made a great one. August 2013, and this year marks the 13th anniversary since Ice Chat was started. With Ice Chat 9 still in development, Ice Chat continues to supply its users with a unique program.

Ice Chat is a popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client that can be used in Windows Vista upto and including Windows 10.

It has been tested on 64bit versions of Vista to Windows 10.

For those people that wish to do more then just chat with Ice Chat, there are numerous different ways to customize the look and feel of Ice Chat.

It starts with simply changing a theme, to writing your own custom commands (aliases) and making your own custom popups, using the Ice Chat Editor. Ice Chat has some unique features that set it apart from other similar programs. But for those select few that do not, this feature can be disabled.

It was all open, required no passwords and had no limit on the number of connects.