Aside from the happy prospect of drinking wines made from grapes we’d farmed, the farming itself was what drew us initially and that’s where our hearts remain. We’re very proud of what winemaker Ken Bernards accomplished with our wines, and we’re so appreciative of the support and enthusiasm you, our customers, have shown us over the years.With gratitude, Boz and Dominique Scaggs , October 27, 2016 By Lettie Teague, wine columnist “Celebrities are famous for reasons unrelated to wine.

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No, you have not—unless you are that celebrity’s agent or own a marketing company……

There are so many, much easier ways for celebrities to make money off their names. For the sake of serious winemakers and wine drinkers who really care about wine, I suggest wine-inclined celebrities consider producing an Eau de Cabernet instead of an actual Cabernet.

An ability to sing or perform or drive a car very fast has nothing to do with an ability to turn grapes into wine.

Have you ever watched a great actor in a play, listened to a talented singer or watched a basketball player race down the court and thought, “I wonder what that person could do with Pinot Noir”?

Subtle horns and strings enhance but never overwhelm a vibe that shifts from the low key Latin shuffle of “I Want to See You” to the French cabaret of “Last Tango on 16th Street,” both penned by Jack Walroth, a Scaggs friend and blues artist from San Francisco.

The singer returns to the Al Green songbook and sound he embraced on Memphis for a funky “Full of Fire” and goes gospel on the great Curtis Mayfield/Impressions gem “I’m So Proud.” Even when Scaggs reaches back into the slick, satiny soul that yielded his biggest commercial boost in the mid-70s on a heartfelt version of the Spinners’ “Love Don’t Love Nobody,” the relatively stripped down arrangement keeps the session grounded.

Three-CD set containing a trio of albums from the Country legend, each housed in a replica mini-LP sleeve.

Includes the albums, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, (1969), which is unavailable in the U.

Careful in selecting country material, Cash made sure its spirit resonated within him and advanced a message consistent with his own values and reflected a reverence for country music history.

Cash's profound relationship with country music is contained on The Greatest: Country Classics.

Alice Waters and Tyler Florence were the culinary hosts for the dinner portion of the evening, which ran ,000 per person .