The girls portrayed on the pictures are usually not the ones who work in the office and write you letters.The pictures may be simply stolen, or sometimes the girls on the pictures are real and involved in scams.

report internet dating scam-82

Every day each scammer sends out about 300 letters.

They may also do a messenger chats with you, but they don't really like it, they consider it a waste of time (their time is money!

I will send you Western Union 40% from the total price of gifts that they buy from me.

My store accepts credit cards, which is very important.

If a person buys gifts on $1300, yours will be $600, plus verification that you exist.

The practice shows that Americans are always willing to buy gifts.

(if you look at their e-mail headers, you can see helo=hell, helo=demon, etc..) One group, if you accuse them of scamming, starts cursing you and becomes very aggressive. Also, different groups may use different versions of The Bat!

In some groups work mostly guys, sometimes they leave Russian words untranslated and those words are of male gender.

lol), to get more personal and convincing they prefer phone calls.

The scambaiters with experience are often able to recognize these groups.

But maybe your report will be that last straw that will brake the camel's back. Nigerian scammers mostly rely on chats and IMs, for that purpose an Internet cafe would perfectly do, but Russian scammers mostly operate through e-mail.