For example, if two characters are getting into a verbal sparring match, maybe one of them will playfully punch the other…which could escalate into a full-fledged confrontation, boding ill for the future of these two friends.

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I knew Chris Pine was going to be a star all the way back in 2006 when I saw him in this offbeat comedy, Blind Dating.

Besides his role in Inception, Tom Hardy was pretty much an unknown entity to me.

With its high concept hybrid premise–two spies fall in love with the same girl and compete with each other for her affection–and with its extremely likeable stars, you’d think the studio had crafted the perfect date night movie.

But high concept isn’t enough, at least not enough to produce a blockbuster movie.

Use them as inspiration for your own comedy sidekicks.

Movies whose pacing are ruined through too many phone conversations comes up A LOT on Scribe Meets World. Most of the phone conversations were between Lauren and Chelsea, with Lauren dissecting her romances with FDR and Tuck.

Remember in Crazy Stupid Love, how Ryan Gosling told Steve Carell, “Be better than the Gap, Cal. We soon learn that she moved to LA to be with him, and then he cheated on her with a Pilates instructor. Why does she turn into a mumbling pathetic mess who makes up a false boyfriend to impress her ex when her ex cheated on her?

Shouldn’t she have been searching for something to pelt him with instead? When she first meets FDR at a movie rental store (they still have those? Granted, she totally pegged FDR as a rather lazy Lothario who isn’t particularly inventive about trying to pick up a lady.

Let’s take a look to see why not (note: spoilers ahead!

): In the movie, Reese Witherspoon plays Lauren Scott, an unlucky-in-love gal, who moved from Atlanta to LA to be with a guy…whom she eventually caught cheating on her.

Without Chelsea’s encouragement, FDR and Tuck would’ve never been fighting over Lauren.