There’s native audio for learning foreign languages, and it has offline access.You will have to create an account to sign up, which might be a negative for some folks, but it allows you to keep all your flashcards backed up and synced.

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They’ll be ranked on the following criteria: ease of use, customizability, aesthetics, syncing with the Web, extra features, and SRS implementation. The most modern and regularly-updated app on this list, Quizlet is a standout flashcard app.

You can make your own flashcards or find subjects that other Quizlet users have submitted.

Download: Study Droid (Free, Paid)Despite the fact that it hasn’t been updated in a while, this app does manage to squeeze in quite a few features.

There is an audio option for reading out what is written on the card using your phone’s built in text-to-speech service.

There are all kinds of settings for how exactly it does that, leaving the user the flexibility to adjust it to their needs.

For late-night cramming before that test, though, you need to create a “custom study session” to study everything, even the easy cards, cluttering up the app further and only complicating what should be a simple process.

The full extent of its SRS capabilities ends at marking cards as “known” which moves them to the back of the pack.

I liked this feature more than I expected to because moving a card to the back if I know it is probably what I would do in real life, but it is not necessarily the most practical way to study, and in fact rather time inefficient.

There are also 5 boxes, box 5 being the one with cards you find the easiest, and box 1 having the cards you’re struggling with.

If you give a card the green check, it moves up a box, but giving the red X moves it down a box.

Flashcards are an incredibly useful tool for studying, but they aren’t always convenient to make and carry around; that’s where your smartphone comes in.