With Auth0 Passwordless you can use one time codes or “magic links” delivered via SMS or e-mail, or use the i Phone’s Touch ID without having to worry about the implementation details.

Following our philosophy of "just a few lines of code", here is how you trigger a "magic link" that will be sent to the user’s email: Try this yourself on the playground.

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Password managers are useful (I personally use one) but still they feel like a band-aid on the problem, not addressing the real issue.

A third trend we've started to see is to remove the password input from the login box altogether.

I was very skeptical since the fact that it is unethical and is against the tos of the website itself.

However, I changed my mind when I saw it with my own eyes that he was unlocking the Reallifecam cameras without the need to buy premium account or anything like it from Reallifecam website.

As developers we have to deal with a handful of devices, screen sizes, and browser-specific challenges.

We wanted the Lock Passwordless widget to automatically adapt to mobile web browsers on various i OS and Android versions.

On Reallifecam website, you can watch for free only few cameras, and the rest of them are locked and you need to buy premium account for that, but NO MORE!

With “Reallifecam Login” you will be able to UNLOCK the locked cameras, UNLOCK the locked rooms and watch ALL Reallifecam cameras, for FREE, only with Reallifecam Login!

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It wasn’t easy getting to Reallifecam cameras, it was hard because we had to go through reallifecam accounts and hack the website itself and give you the automatic permission to active this hack by yourself.