Imagine you only have two dollars to your name until payday. You put your two dollars on the counter, and before you or anyone else can stop me, I speed by and snatch your money. However, this time you’ve still got a clip of 0 cash in your pocket, another million in the bank, and a Black American Express card. I no longer seem like a bully and a thief intent on ruining your life, I’m just a hungry person trying to steal enough money to eat.

You’re at Taco Bell buying two dollars worth of food, and I steal your two dollars again. If you saw me later, you might even offer to buy me some food or give me some more change, if I’m that desperate for two measly dollars.

He let us play in the bathtub and he didn’t even get mad!! Each moment of unconditional acceptance creates a living thread between us and our children; these threads weave a powerful bond that fills them with a genuine and lasting happiness. Â More than anything, my child needs to feel loved.

” When we unconditionally care about our children’s happiness they feel a powerful connection to us. With real love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough. It takes courage to honestly examine the extent of our unconditionally loving behavior.

When you’ve experienced enough truly unconditional love, you begin to understand you are worth loving no matter what.

When you feel worthwhile down to your bones, caring for the needs of other people becomes easy. Even when people go out of their way to try to bother you, it doesn’t really affect you much because you know they’re simply not content with their own life.

Until I started reading Greg Baer’s books, I didn’t even realize how much of my life I spent to other people and fighting for affection: the way I chose my clothes this morning, the amount of make up I put on (or didn’t sometimes), the jobs I took, the major in school that I chose, the way I talked to people, the way I carried myself— they were all motivated by avoiding criticism or earning compliments and praise. I realized I didn’t have anyone in my life who treated me lovingly when I did the opposite of what they recommended.

I didn’t know anyone who was still patient with me when I behaved selfishly in front of them.It’s unconditional love when children are ungrateful, disobedient and inconvenient, and even make us look bad, yet we’re not disappointed, hurt or angry because our concern is for loving and teaching THEM!, by Greg Baer, MD, is the best insight I’ve come across in my 22 years as a therapist.When I do something to try to please the people around me, I’m doing it as a hostage, not because I genuinely want to do it.The only way to give real love to others is to feel enough of it yourself.One day his little five-year-old daughter came running up to her mother saying, “Mommy!