He was taken to the hospital, where he died from severe injuries to the head, chest, and liver.

During the police investigation, they found CCTV footage of Mahto leaving the hostel after midnight and heading toward the teachers’ quarters, which was only a short distance away.

Originally, Hagino was given 18 years in prison, but that was reduced to just 15 in 2009 because Hagino was at diminished capacity at the time of the murder.

Upon hearing the news, Hagino became angry and bought two kitchen knives and a hammer from a hardware store.

On December 10, just a week after Hagino was told that he would not be teaching Horimoto, both he and Horimoto showed up for a Saturday exam session.

Sithembiso Gcwenya, 19, was killed, while Sibusiso Mbutho, 19, and Bheki Mnyandu, 18, were both injured.

The teacher and the principal were arrested, but they were eventually released on a $160 bail.

Rarely are these horrible crimes committed by teachers.

After all, teachers are people who chose a career path that is dedicated to helping people learn and grow.

Hagino then got Horimoto alone in a room and locked the door. When that failed, he used a knife that was 30 centimeters (1 ft) long to stab the schoolgirl 13 times in the chest, neck, and face.

After the murder, he called his father and admitted killing the girl.

But in early 2003, Peiquan was running out of money to pay for his medication. Peiquan went to the teachers’ dormitory, armed with a vegetable knife.