The Counseling Center and Human Resources have treatment and counseling options available for individuals and groups.

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The Student Health Center and the Office of Campus Life may offer related programs on acquaintance rape, alcohol, relationships, and self-defense.

To ensure your safety you can call Public Safety for an escort on foot or in a vehicle if you need to walk alone on campus at night.

We strongly urge you to program your cell phone with Public Safety’s Emergency number: 202.885.3636.

You can stay up-to-date on crime in the area by checking a crime prevention board in the lobbies of Bender Library, Federal Building, Mary Graydon Center, Leonard Hall, Mc Dowell Hall, Hurst Building, Asbury Building, the Sports Center, the Washington College of Law Building, Brandywine Building, or Megabytes Café.

Campus groups who sponsor these programs increase attendance and bring together individuals who have common concerns.

Any interested group should contact Public Safety at 202-885-2563 or 202-885-2529.

Crime Alerts are provided to students and employees in a timely manner so they can aid in the prevention of similar occurrences.

Public Safety maintains a daily crime log, which is written in an easily understood format and describes the nature of the crime, date the crime was reported, date and time the crime occurred, general location of the crime, and disposition of the complaint, if known.

To help students and employees protect themselves and their property, this unit develops and makes available to the university community a variety of educational programs and materials.

Crime Prevention and Awareness presents the following programs to all faculty, staff and students upon request, and at the request of resident assistants, in the residence halls.

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