See note 891144 New GL/Document splitting: Risks w/ subsequent changes for further details.

is an organizational unit that reflects a management-oriented structure of the company and for which an individual period result can be determined.

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The system checks the splitting customizing and the ‘zero balance’ flag in order to decide whether the partner field needs to be updated.

One of the main reasons for this system behaviour is the fact that partner field assignments are necessary in case of consolidation depending on whether there is the need to eliminate an internal business volume between e.g. Example of posting with zero balance flag active for profit center/partner profit center: PC: Profit Center PPC: Partner Profit Center Entry View: Line 1 - PC_ALine 2 - PC_B General Ledger View: Line 1 - PC_ALine 2 - PC_BClearing Line 1 - PC_A - PPC_BClearing Line 2 - PC_B - PPC_A Example of cross-company posting with zero balance flag active (possible additional split depending on customizing see section 2.10.2 in note 1085921 Document split) Entry View: Line 1 - Company Code A - PC_ALine 2 - Company Code A - PC_B Line 3 - Company Code B - PC_CLine 4 - Company Code B - PC_D General Ledger View: Line 1 - Company Code A - PC_ALine 2 - Company Code A - PC_BClearing Line 1 - Company Code A - PC_A - PPC_BClearing Line 2 - Company Code A - PC_B - PPC_A Line 3 - Company Code B - PC_CLine 4 - Company Code B - PC_DClearing Line 3 - Company Code B - PC_C - PPC_DClearing Line 4 - Company Code B - PC_D - PPC_C In this case, the system does not only process the partner profit centers, but also creates zero balance clearing items so that each new document will have balance zero for each profit center.

This wiki intends to explain how the partner fields are updated by the system depending on whether the splitting characteristic is or not defined as a balancing splitting characteristic.

The zero balance indicator in the document splitting ensures that the document is balanced for the document split characteristic selected as balancing field in customizing.

The reports in the standard delivery represent a simple information system for controlling profit centers.

In addition, you can use various tools to create your own reports to tailor them to your individual requirements.

If you use document splitting, the system can provide these items with a profit center.

Data from upstream applications (such as Logistics) generally already contains a profit center or a partner profit center as a result of the assignment of objects (such as material or sales order) to a profit center.

A subsequent activation of the Zero Balance Creation for a document splitting characteristic takes effect only once you have activated or transported the change.

The system will only make sure the financial statement balances to zero in the splitting characteristic for the time the flag is active.

In some business transactions, the profit center or partner profit center is determined for selected items (such as payables or receivables) during document splitting.