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problem updating buzz-54

If you don't hear a loud beep, it likely means your speakers have failed and you should contact Dell about a hardware replacement.

If you do hear a loud beep it means your speakers are working (at least from a hardware perspective).

If your audio suddenly doesn't work upon waking your XPS 13, plug in and unplug your headphones.

This could kick your XPS 13 in the butt and get the audio working again. Yes, you might have already tried the troubleshooter.

Plugging in or unplugging headphones sometimes won't register, drivers will sometimes stop working, and Windows 10 updates will sometimes decide to work against you.

It's a common problem, especially the 9343 model, so you're not alone.

(1) Just wanted to give an update for the #wallet #release at $BUZZ.

We do not want to rush a release, especially while our head developers are busy with personal topics (moving, getting home for holiday, etc).

If you haven't already tried, here's how to use Windows troubleshooter for your audio problems.

This method has reportedly solved hissing and static noises.

Laptop speakers are designed to fit into a small compartment, so they generally aren't of the best quality.