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You rubbing my tits like that just had me so worked up.

I think there must be a direct connection between my boobs and pussy.

, but if you need help, you should be able to talk to a human.

Customer service is always here for you — online and by phone, 24 hours a day, 8 days a week.

Lets go get in the water and swim or something, it’ll go down then.” I held out my hand to Sarah and pulled her up.

The cool water felt good and soon Sarah and I were splashing around and trying to dunk each other.” I said as I took the bottle and squirted the lotion right on her tits.“I’m putting the lotion on your tits, you said I could,” I replied.I’m sorry I got you all worked up and you can’t relieve yourself.Hey, why don’t you go over there to the restroom and take care of it in there?” Sarah asked, looking down at the sunscreen dripping down her tits.