When they come into your town, your city, and stalk your children, will you still think they are so wonderful? They aren't the nice little doggie down the street.

Wolf-lovers have a very unrealistic view of wolves. There are some very valid arguments on either side of this issue, (and a lot of unnecessary name calling!

Is the Obama Administration breaking its promise to protect endangered species?

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Better planning for towns and villages is absolutely critical in my view.

Especially as we are overpopulating our boundaries.

The other thing that bugs me is how hunters would want to shoot this animal.

It has such great family ties and packs are very close knit and to say animals don't have feelings is just wrong.

When there are no ungulates left, when wolves, bear and cougar are all vying for you as their source of food, will you think they are so wonderful?

When your child dies of hydatid disease, carried and spread by wolves, will you still think they are so wonderful?

They're never really going anywhere," said Ed Bangs, the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Coordinator for the U. Some believe the result of this legal debate is a litmus test for the Obama Administration's overall approach to wildlife issues and the Endangered Species Act.

Correction: Our report incorrectly stated Wyoming will manage for a maximum of 150 wolves.

These wolf families are closer and more loving then most human families.