These two boys mastered the art of marrying an old ladies' sanitarium while claimingit was the work of the Holy Spirit, "and many other such things" they do. They teach that water baptism is essential for salvation, and that one "fiction" (see below) damns them to hell.

The Roman Catholic Church believes in Triune Godhead. It is also classic of all cults that they hide their errors and promote the areas of their belief which coincide with main line Christian beliefs.

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At the left is the most successful cultist in US history-- the four flusher, Joseph Smith.

He and Brigham Young were experts at using all the evil tricks we discuss in this article. They are orthodox, or biblically correct, in nearly every way but one-- Baptism.

They will finally succeed in convincing the members that there is no other church on earth which is right but theirs. We have 90 Baptist local church gatherings in Roane County, Tennessee where we live. Twenty seven of these Baptist churches are King James Bible only.

But, virtually every pastor in these 27 churches teaches his people that," You need to be faithful to one church." Here is blasphemy.

Recently, many Bible believing church groups have been bringing into their midst some of the aspects of these cults.

It is urgent that pastors and all saints learn to guard themselves against this trend.HOME - TABLE OF CONTENTS - WAR ROOM - THE GOSPEL - BIBLE STUDY - MORAL ISSUES - KING JAMES BIBLE - CULTS PROPHECY - WORLD AFFAIRS - QUIET PLACE - STEVE'S YARNS - BIO OF EDITOR - HEALTH - LADIES' PAGE - HEROESThe issue of cults used to be easy to discern.Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Adventism, the Moonies, and many more clearly heretical groups, were easy to nail down.Whoever teaches this got it from the big denominations and the Whore of Rome.It is used to entrap the saint in such a way that demands can be made once the saint is "received into membership," and the saint will feel obligated to perform and jump through all the designated hoops.I shall draw on many experiences of pastors I have known, and from my own experience in the Lord.