And he thought the campus of Pensacola Christian College would be the perfect place.

Along with the camp director, music coordinator, and event coordinator, the staff is composed of students from Pensacola Christian College who’ve dedicated their summer to serving teens.

Their main desire is to help campers grow in their relationship with Christ.

Advice to Management Everyone makes mistakes, and while consequences do and should come for wrong actions, it is important to keep in mind the ministry and christian aspect that Christ portrayed here on earth of not only discipline but also guiding those that have fallen and obviously are not where they need to be spiritually to do better in order to lay a foundation for better future behavior. They could have cared less about the students and they really wanted when it came to their food.

So many occasions I have seen people shut out and neglected, and their lives have degraded into horrible states over hurt, bitterness, and neglect of the people they thought were their friends and their loving leaders and their "iron". I hated the fact that they student leaders who would be in charge.

Sometimes they were younger than me and we're beyond immature.

The school itself was very closed minded and did want they only saw right in there eyes.

If you’re looking for lodging in town, discounts are provided by many area hotels.

Contact the hotel directly to inquire whether a discount is offered to PCC guests.

We’re continuing our series on letters to freshmen who attending legalistic college campuses, which began with this letter and spurred important conversations on Facebook.

A frequent comment on Facebook said that Pensacola Christian College had changed, therefore concerns about the college are outdated.

Before camp begins, the students go through vigorous training in preparation for the arrival of the teens.