When they arrive at the house, Amanda gets out of the car. When Amanda goes around to the back, she is surprised to discover it locked. There’s a note pinned on the door from her parents. Looking out into the night, she swears to herself again and slowly walks back to the street. If the only way you’ll learn is to spend the night locked out then so be it. Amanda swears to herself and tries to open the door anyway.

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Breathing hard, she turns back and starts walking again. She is lying on a pile of hay in what appears to be a barn. Jaime pretends to be asleep but Amanda stares him down. As he boasts, he hears something outside and tells the girls to shut up and wait.

The teen girl has been stripped down to her underwear. His eyes dart all over the barn anxiously as he walks over to the girls. He tells Amanda all the horrible things he has done to her and what he is going to do to both of them now that she's awake.

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He keeps threatening too, she answers, but he can’t do it. Just as Amanda turns the conversation back to the man who took them, they hear a noise and shut up. He is clean cut and handsome but something about him seems unhinged. Defiantly, he picks Jamie up and drags her to the center of the barn.

Amanda asks the girl, who introduces herself as Jaime, some questions and the two girls realize they have a lot in common: they are both 19, live in the same neighborhood, and were taken at night.

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