Adjusting the refresh period involves creating some registry keys and restarting the Exchange IS service (which will disconnect clients from their mailboxes).

Soemtimes, Outlook may report your quota information in the bottom-left hand corner incorrectly.

outlook quota information not updating-63

So being the nice sys admin I am I upped their send limit and sent them away with the standard give that 15 mins, and retry…

15 mins later they were back at my desk still unable to send.

My own mailbox on Exchange 2013 hit it's quota and outlook (2013) informed me of this, so I increased my Exchange mailbox quota.

Since increasing it, outlook has not updated to reflect this.

(Most computers running Exchange Server these days won't have any trouble handling the overhead generated by polling user mailbox quotas a little more often.) To change the reread interval time for mailbox quotas, you need to edit the registry and navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\MSExchange IS\Parameters System Add a new DWORD value named Reread Logon Quotas Interval and set it to the interval in seconds you want to use.

For instance, a value of 1200 will cause Exchange Server to reread the quotas every 20 minutes.By default, it is set to two hours (7200 seconds) to prevent the system from rereading login quotas too often and possibly bogging down the system.If users' mailbox quotas are changed often, however, you may want to increase the reread interval time, as polling the quotas once every two hours may not be often enough to properly reflect changes made.For example, it may report that you have only a few MB free, even though you have just archived a bunch of email.There are two possible causes to this problem: tab, select your account from the list, and click Change... Uncheck the box that says "Use Cached Exchange Mode", click Next, click Finish, and then restart Outlook.Submit it to our tip contest and you could win a prize.