Can you help the girl select the best outfits to wear?

Drag Kylie out of bed, clean up her face for the shoot, and fix her car to get everything ready before the photographers arrive!

In Dream Careers For Princesses, Ariel, Cinderella, and Rapunzel are tired of lounging around in their castles.

Help each princess find an amazing outfit by trying on the different discount items on sale!

Annie Movie Night is a fun game in which you can help Annie prepare for her movie night at home.

In Elsa and Moana Exchange Students, both Disney princesses are enjoying their time at university, but they could use a change of scenery. Can you help Elsa get dressed for the warm climate of Hawai'i, and prepare Moana for the cold of Norway?

In Kylie's Favourite Car, Kylie is an aspiring model.

Help her find the remote, her glasses, and other items she needs. The Stranger Things Squad has lots of mysteries to solve around town, but first, you must find them some clothes to wear!

Select your favorite characters and dress them up in retro 80s gear to suit the series' aesthetics!

Take the perfect princess selfie with the dress-up game Princess Famous Tumblr Girl!