Related: How to Visit Canada’s National Parks For Free After 150 years, Canada hasn’t stopped growing, changing and really carving out its own identity as a place for nature lovers, foodies, history buffs, artists, sports fans and just about anyone who wants to see a big, diverse country with both spectacular views and bustling cities.

When you break it down, Canada is one of the only places in the world where you can camp in the Rocky Mountains and eat maple syrup infused entrees in a sugar shack.

Or where you can stay in a hotel made of ice in a beautiful, cosmopolitan city, and see moose, caribou, beluga whales, wolves and polar bears in their natural habitat. But we all know there are dozens of things that make Canada an awesome country to visit — or live in.

Or you can do just about every outdoor activity from scuba diving to heli-skiing. Frankly, you could probably name one or two things you love about Canada. Therefore, here are 150 reasons why we should all tip our mountie hats to Canada, one for each year it’s been part of our little blue planet.

It was here that the earliest known reptile was discovered, dating back more than 300 million years.

The cliffs are so famous, they are even mentioned in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. The western side of the falls, located in Ontario, overlooks Horseshoe Falls, the most expansive side of the cascade.

Visitors in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories have a 90 percent chance of seeing the lights in wintertime.

Banff National Park has over 2,000 campsites for enjoying the country's natural assets.At low tide, you can literally walk on the ocean floor.The Bay of Fundy’s high and low tides also lend itself to another natural phenomena: watching the waterfalls in reverse.British Columbia is home to the northernmost area of the notable mountain range, complete with crisp lakes and snow-capped peaks.Nakiska ski resort in the Canadian Rockies was also home to the 1988 Winter Olympics. There are so many things to love about the “Neighbor to the North.” The politeness. The way Canadians say “out” and “about.” But the country is so much more than its most-known features.