Russian and English available in game Jun 27, 2009 • 30 minutes • You don’t know who, or even -what-, you are—and neither do your newfound “friends” who chased you down for research purposes.And yet you could be the key to reversing the new, dangerous changes to the world.

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In this 2nd Teen Story created by Crea Nyu, you'll be playing as a vietnamese high school girl. Jan 11, 2011 • 30 minutes • Short, sweet, rough and offensive...

It's the 24th of December and you're staying home alone with nothing to do. you follow this particular guy in his daily life while trying to maintain sanity by keeping his intolerance level in-check while building up strength and saving up money to make life easier.

Join Toffee, Cotton and Cream as they valiantly search for the legendary sword necessary to rescue the princess, who has been kidnapped by unknown assailants. That won't stop our heroes from boldly going where no elf, fairy, and demon have gone before. Whatever it will be, you get a chance to meet our point of view about the monstrous romance in this anime novel completely in English.

Kawaii dialogues, achievements, special secret endings and even a clicker fighting inside!

To try out this game we've released a demo and would like your feedback email:ratboy20267 Dareka is about a 17 year old Japanese high school student called Yoshiharu Kawada, who,ever since the age of 11, has lived in an orphanage. All is well until he meets an other student, who he's never met before called Kimiko Matsumoto, They become friends. It has a huge following with millions of players over the years. Nov 01, 2015 • 25 minutes • 63,788 words • What if you had the power to take control of a person's life and future, shaping his/her personality?

After creating all new graphics in 2014, I ported the game to Renpy in 2015 as a stand alone game. After a mysterious event, Kiyori finds herself awaken with precious memories missing - the relationships she ever had. Take the initiative as she meets and befriends people while following a new, world-shaping adventure in hopes of remembering her friends and more.....

Most of the audio and visual assets are likewise there so that it's not simply silent and empty.

(which doesn't mean some aren't a little bit fun...) There are a few other working systems in the game, but they have no effect right now, such as the angel and devil system (a prototype term for now) that will determine the MC's personality and as the game progresses lock in choices/open up new ones dependent on previous personality trends.

This is a very different style of game from most Ren' Ai games, most obvious from the use of 3D graphics rather that traditional hand drawn. Sep 16, 2016 • 30 minutes • 9,710 words • Your name is Reiko and you live in a little town called "Derpworld" where everything is random and you are the only sane one.

It is also primarily plotless with some 40-50 event scenarios possibly coming up during the date, resulting in thousands of possible dates which can range from 1 to 20 minutes long. However you're beginning to wonder if all this randomness is purely you start having weird dreams and encounter even weirder people, you discover that there's something sinister lurking in this town and only you can stop it!

This is just to see if people are interested in seeing this become an actual game series, and to help me think of a better name...