So it is was only right that I meet with this woman (who's picture showed no more than just her face ).Let me just say that, when we met, I was very surprised, Marina was so much more than I could ever imagine.She is very dedicated to what ever she starts, and she finishes every thing she starts, also a introvert nature, NOW she is married to a man who enjoys the outdoors, does not know how to be serious, who finishes what he starts (but it may take a bit longer), extravert by nature, who only used his home to sleep over before going to the office the next day, as he was on his own for 9 yrs.

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Just seeing Irina's eyes in her initial photograph told me she was a special person"Looking for your True Love in Russia? A true-life story of Rainer: "I am glad to be one of the ten percent of men who got the tickets, got on the airplane, and went 6,000 miles to meet a sensitive, energetic, intelligent, ambitious Russian woman..."I'm an American woman married to a Russian MAN! Rychkova: "I'm an American woman married to a Russian MAN and wouldn't have it any other way.... In fact, if she had her way, we would probably be living in Russia right now..." Read a story of Nick and Julia Real life fairy-tale - One day a guy wrote to me asking if I think it's possible for him to find a partner through Internet. I will probably soon be forced by tragic circumstances to actively search for a wife.

My wife is terminally ill and we have discussed the future.

We became friends, and the time we spend together, talking and Marina showing me the sights and sounds of her beautiful city on the sea cost.

I do not believe that Marina or I can tell you what happened, but when I left, we knew that we were going to be together, and if the truth be told, it was not what we were expecting at all.

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