I reported what my boss had said and named the people who were also in the bathroom.When she tried to deny it, I told her I had a witness willing to corroborate everything and she then claimed that I was taking her words “out of context.” At this point, HR and the lawyer asked her to leave the room.After a week, one person came into my cubicle where everyone could hear and demanded to know why I worked here when I clearly wasn’t a cultural fit. I told her that I was a good fit – I had a strong background in teapot design and a passion for optimizing teapot handles.

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I felt like I WAS blowing things out of proportion.

One day I was in a bathroom stall, and I heard my boss and two other coworkers enter.

They decided to “reevaluate the situation,” and it was basically swept under the rug.

I don’t know if they spoke to some of the people who made comments, but those stopped within a day. The company then announced that we were going from cubicles to an open floor plan to promote communication between teams.

” Eventually, I told one hiring manager the truth and he confided that he is also severely allergic to dogs and that it would never happen at his company (a small start-up). It was a slight pay decrease, but included stock options and surprisingly better health benefits! I was so upset about the whole situation that I called a meeting with the company lawyer, HR department, and my boss.

I gave notice, saying I was leaving immediately with no transition period due to the hostile work environment.I told them that if there were any issue with my paycheck or backlash against me (including defamation), I would bring a lawsuit.We agreed to what they would say if they were contacted as a reference in the future, I got it in writing (!!They didn’t openly blame me and no explicit comments were made, so I thought it would be OK. Instead of outright comments, it became subtle things.I was no longer invited to standing meetings and when I pointed that out it was explained away as an “oversight.” I was excluded from new meetings about teapot design that I was integral to and when I found out about them and asked, I was told that teapot handle design wasn’t changing (but it did in the mockups – someone else was doing my job! If I sat at a table at lunch, everyone at that table was suddenly not hungry and would leave.Before any of you ask – it’s illegal to record someone without their knowledge in my state, so I didn’t pull out my cell phone, but I did note the names of the people.