As the conversation continued, everyone weighed in on their personal experiences with dating sites and apps.

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I’ve only changed my profile picture and details one or two times since joining but, if I stay on the site over time, I know I will shake things up accordingly since I am a creature of change!

I’ve been out with a couple girls now and they have all had different outcomes, no matter our compatibility percentage.

For me, sometimes it was because I just didn’t have time and space, both physically and mentally, to respond.

Other times it was because I just wasn’t interested.

I’ve had to make sure that I am being myself, as much as I can, online. Sometimes I don’t feel like reading profiles and just want to judge people based on how they look (yes, I said it; we all do it).

Sure, other people will interpret my profile and messages as they will, but I think that if I’m as real as I can be, that will attract better matches into my OKC world. Other times, I do like to go through profiles because people can be creative and have interesting things to say.I don’t go out all that often and living in a spread-out city like L.A., it’s fun to have another platform to meet people.Some of my friends who don’t use online dating sites have said that they would rather dating happen more “organically.” I can understand that.Especially with a site like Ok Cupid, where I don’t necessarily have mutual friends with other users, I never know where potential matches are coming from.After being abroad for two years and a long-distance break-up, it was interesting to hear that online dating had somehow become trendy.