If you like old stones with your lunch, El Mayor restaurant perches above the site, offering an amazing view of the Templo Mayor archaeological site.The Calle Madero pedestrian thoroughfare connects the zocalo and the Palacio des Bellas Artes.Stash it in a drawer or keep it in a dish on your dresser.

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Coyoacan, south of the main center, was the original settlement for the conquistadores, now an enclave of artists and writers (Frida and Diego lived here) and it exudes colonial charm.

See Historic Center & Zocalo The zocalo has been the center of Mexico City even before the Spanish arrived.

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We're talking about Mexico City, and it's likely that most of what you think you know about it is wrong.

In actuality, crime is down, the air is clean, and the look has been all jazzed up.

The city is leafy, inviting and buzzing with energy. The Neighborhoods While this city of 30 million seems to have almost as many neighborhoods as it does residents, most visitors will keep themselves to the glamorous environs of Polanco, Roma, Condessa, the Historic Center and Coyoacan.

In posh Polanco bordering Chapultepec Park, you'll find Mexico's answer to Rodeo Drive, Avenida Presidente Masaryk, and the stylish El Presidente Intercontinental hotel.

There's also a big movement to green the city that includes a popular, free bikeshare program.