Shari finished eating, then got up and put her paper lunch bag in the trash. "At least we don't have to worry about what to wear tomorrow." Monica couldn't muster a response to Shari's statement before she left up the stairs back to her office. Five o'clock finally came and Monica grabbed her purse and coat to leave for the day. "All right, let's have a look at you, gorgeous," David said. Sometimes it was a wolf whistle, sometimes an off-color comment, but the men in the office definitely let Monica know they appreciated her attire, or lack of, for the day. Working in the nude seemed liberating for her, and she was starting to feel a bit silly about being so nervous about it that morning.

"Well, I just try to look on the bright side," Shari said, stuffing her trash in the wastebasket. Albert watched her carefully from his office as she retrieved her purse from the cubby drawer at the bottom of her cabinet. They arrived at Shari's office, where Shari's boss, David, was waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. "Oh, please," Monica said, as Shari began to remove her coat. We-" Monica was at a loss for words as Shari removed her coat, revealing her stunning and shapely body, without a stitch of clothing. On her way back to her office, Monica passed Shari in the hall, who took a glance at her as well. Even the attention from her coworkers was not bothering her.

A photographer had been hired to take numerous shots of the seven of them.

Nude flirting-84

Her boss, Albert, left notes on her desk every morning for various tasks he wanted completed for the day, and Monica, being the dutiful secretary she was, always got them completed on a timely basis. With that, he disappeared into his office and picked up the phone.

Monica put some hot water into the coffee maker so it would be fresh and ready when Albert got out of his morning meeting. Of course, Monica thought, she'd been here a good five minutes and hadn't read the note her boss had left for her. "Just asking." Roger walked away, and Monica closed the door again. Her phone rang, and being the dutiful secretary she was, answered it. "Flirting in the hall, no doubt," another employee said. " No sooner did the conference doors open, and Monica entered. Monica carried a tray with eight cups of steaming hot coffee, though the attention in the room was fixated on Monica's steaming hot naked body.

Monica got out of her car and went over to greet her. "I'll be glad when this day is over with," Monica said. Before long, she had so many post-it notes on her body, they were starting to conceal her nakedness, much to her coworkers displeasure.

They entered the office building where several of their male coworkers were waiting for them. After a few complaints, Monica removed all of the notes so she was naked once again.

He had specifically arranged her office so that many important items were stored down low, so Monica would have to bend over to retrieve them. David seemed oblivious of anyone else in the room as he stared at Shari's round, full breasts and long slender legs, and smiled. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Monica began leaving her office door all the way open to insure passing coworkers would be able to see her.

Monica tended to wear tight skirts, and bending over made her skirt material complement the round shape of her buttocks even more, which Albert found very tantalizing. Shari was at least a D cup and appeared to be all natural, so Monica felt a bit inadequate with her modest C's. Monica walked swiftly down the halls, with the clicking of her heels alerting her coworkers to her presence. Soon Monica started to make reasons for her to leave her office, and make special trips around the building, stopping by at the desks of the more attractive male employees.

The photographer then announced that he would need a few "tasteful" photos to publish where graphic nudity was not allowed.

This meant he would need the women to pose with their private parts concealed. Shari reached around and covered Monica's breasts with her hands. "Shari, move in closer to her." Shari moved closer to Monica so Monica's body could conceal Shari's better.

----- Around 11 o'clock Monica got a memo, telling all secretaries in the building to report to the lunchroom room for a group photo.