Don´t hold it tight, the balancingweight will do its job.

If you want the camera to face up, pull the weight back and tighten the screws, to face down vice versa.

If you can not properly align the view of the camera horizontally by using the (tilt-)screws of the tripod head, you maybe have to reattach the weight a little further from the center of gravity.

(Hope you spared some duct-tape :) )Almost done, but...

Either by intuition or by trial-and-error if you´re not running low on duct tape as I was.

Usually the handle of a tripod is a little offset from its center of gravity.

I made some vids to test the effect: This is a handheld Iphone video: And this is a video using this improvised rig: Hope this will work, still couldn´t figure out how to embed vids properly, since this was done in minutes and until now I never had the need to share moving pictures.

;) Pay attention to the normal shaking and reduced shaking of the camera, not to our messy kitchen, please.

So in the next steps you can see what I came up with.

Regarding the minimal effort and time invested, it works quite well, just check out the video links below: This is a handheld Iphone video: And this is a video using this improvised rig: Worth a try, I think, so advance to step one...

Done, have fun with your no-cost, 5-10-minute effort steady-cam "rig"!

I tried this out a few times, the before-after-experience (handheld vs. Far from perfect though, but this minor effort (no expences and only minutes to realize), really made a huge difference.

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