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supply airflow." I tried loading it up again and for some reason the doc.

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A little while back I found this on building science and it talks about transfer grills "Transfer Grille From Builders Guide, Building Science Corporation All supply registers should have clear access to a return grille in order to prevent the pressurization of bedrooms and depressurization of the common area.

Bedrooms should either have hard-ducted returns, or another means of pressure relief, such as transfer grilles (above) or jump ducts (below).

(The force of the air upstairs, closest to the air handler, is incredible and I think we were misled into thinking we needed the larger unit, but that's another issue entirely).

I found a website for, is that where you got your info?

When the A/C turns on, the door will close by itself if it's just a little ajar.

And I believe we have too large of a unit - it's 5 tons for 2100 sq ft, 3 zones.

The return air on the main bedroom, with the pressurizatino problem, is not too small - it's about 10X20. After all, our guy was really nice and honest and hard-working, but this issue requires more technical expertise than he had, apparently.

Got a clue about how to find someone really knowledgeable? If you have a zoned system you should have some sort of Barometric Pressure Relief Bypass Duct, if not you sure will be having issues with Pressurization in some rooms, unless you maybe have a dedicated return for all rooms, if your in a pretty humid area you could also get your tech to look at slowing down the CFM's to 350 per ton., or is this a VS air handler?

The guy who installed ours would only tell us to install vents in the doors, and I just thought there had to be other options. Do those 2 bedrooms also have trouble cooling when the doors are closed? And attach it to either a register cut into the hallway, or into the return box in the ceiling above the hall.

If the return in the hall has a filter in it, then your need to install return fiter grilles in the bedrooms.

Undercutting the door seldom provides adequate pressure relief.