DEPTNO)); WHEN Employees_not_present THEN CLOSE Dummy_cursor; END; UPDATE and DELETE SET NULL Trigger for Parent Table The trigger in Example 9-13 enforces the UPDATE and dept table.

The security check is done only for the triggering statement, not for each row affected by the triggering statement.

deptno)); WHEN Valid_department THEN CLOSE Dummy_cursor; WHEN Mutating_table THEN NULL; END; / UPDATE and DELETE RESTRICT Trigger for Parent Table The trigger in Example 9-12 enforces the UPDATE and dept table.

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The trigger in Example 9-16 does a complex check before allowing the triggering statement to run.

The exception ORA-04091 (mutating-table error) allows the trigger emp_dept_check to be used with the UPDATE_SET_DEFAULT and emp_dept_check is used alone.

The example creates an INSTEAD OF trigger to process INSERT statements directed to the view.

-- Cascade update only if child row was not updated by this trigger: BEGIN IF UPDATING THEN UPDATE emp SET Deptno = : NEW oracle if updating trigger.

Note: To import files that original Export created, you must use original Import.

The trigger in Example 9-17 enforces security by raising exceptions when anyone tries to update the table employees during weekends or nonworking hours.

For example, use a trigger to prohibit updates to the employee table during weekends and nonworking hours.

Use triggers only to enforce complex security authorizations that you cannot define using the database security features provided with the database.

A compound DML trigger created on a noneditioning view is not really compound, because it has only one timing point section.